Time tracking for freelancers and teams

The most simple
time tracking for your projects, clients, team or life.
Teamito key features

Quick & easy time tracking

Time tracking with Teamito is easy and intuitive. One click for start recording and second click to stop.

Forgotten to click for start?

No problem, start time or end time of each record can be shifted manually.

Transparent organisation

Each time entries can be organized in transparent three-level structure of clients, projects and tasks.

Multiple workspaces

Your account can have multiple workspaces and each of them can have separated team of cooperating members.

Billable records

Each time entry can be flagged as billable with specific price. Price can be specified individually or inherited from client, project or task.

Teamwork built in

Teamito is built for teamwork. You can easily invite members into your team. And together work on projects in workspace. Each member can have different rights, it gives the flexibility in workspace set-up.

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